7 Chakra Crystals - Tree of Life

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Place the auspicious seven chakras crystal tree in east corner of your house or office to bring good health. It is also beneficial in promoting sound sleep and preventing bad dreams.

The tree of life with seven chakras can also be placed in the northeast direction in a study room or the northeast corner of the study table to increase concentration level and bring success in studies.

Keep the good luck tree at home or office for Vastu corrections and spiritual rituals.

Crystals used


Carnelian is an auspicious and precious healing gemstone that elevates the energies and promotes creativity. It is also considered as a symbol for motivation, strength, endurance, and boosts confidence.

Red Jasper

The energy of this auspicious stone helps in balancing emotions and boosting inner strength. It helps in promoting mental clarity and releasing stress.

Yellow Aventurine

This bright gemstone improves the energy flow and eliminates negativity. It is used to bring confidence and compassion.

Green Jade

The auspicious gemstone is a symbol of fortune and wealth. It is beneficial for those looking to fulfil their long-term financial goals.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is said to amplify healing energies and promotes spiritual growth.


The purple-coloured stone symbolises peace and removes negative energies while creating harmony and peace.

Lapis Lazuli

The gemstone is regarded as auspicious and promotes wisdom, clear judgment, and intellectual abilities

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