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Magic Love Mirror - Customized

रू 1,800

रू 1,750

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A secret gift enriched with thoughtfulness and meaning

Watch this normal mirror glow into a beautiful photo and messages filled frame, and cherish the beautiful moments you've spent together :)

Gift your loved ones something meaningful!

Free text and photos customization.

Handmade is Heart-made!

Explore our handmade range of products, curated by empowered women of our society. Every piece is made with gentle love and care; just for you! Click below to explore.

Customized Handmade Lamp

रू 1,800

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Gift a thoughtful customized handmade lamp. Celebrate your memories and the joy you've shared.

Mail us your pictures and messages at [email protected] and we'll turn it into a memorable luminary!

  • 4 sides
  • Light up from within
  • Plug operated

A lead-time of 5-7 days is necessary for the final delivery of the product. Additional delivery charge will apply (on this product) due to the nature of the product.

We recommend you to message us on Instagram @lumiere_np to order this particular item. In doing so, we will be able to connect and interact with you so that the customization process is smooth and ensuring. [Pre-payment required for handmade products]

Treats & Memories Gift Basket

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Presenting our Ultimate Gift Package! This premium handmade Lokta box, a symbol of craftsmanship, encases sweet chocolates, savory snacks, and a handmade accordion album for memory celebration. Choose between fragrant, 100% natural Rose Tea or soothing Chamomile Tea. Enhancing this package are premium cashews and almonds, offering a delightful nutty contrast. This gift encompasses beauty, taste, and sentiment, making it perfect for any occasion. Order now and celebrate your loved ones with a heartfelt gift that promises cherished memories, a touch of luxury, and flavors that delight.

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Exclusive Corporate Gifting!

Your brand logo on 4 sides of the lamp 7 in x 7 in x 9 in Himalayan Pink Salts for well-being Wooden base LED light panel within the base Floating effect (on the bottom)

Ironman Bluetooth Speaker

रू 2,700

रू 2,200

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Who's an Avenger fan?

Gift this awesome heavy Iron Man bluetooth speakers to your Marvelites friends and help them step up their room-decor game!